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LUXURY by title - LUXURY by sound. This four piece is Australia´s newest rock export, well on the way to securing their name at the forefront of contemporary music. Their debut single "LOADED" is a pulsating brilliant masterpiece on its way to hit the European charts. LUXURY - fresh sounds and electrifying beats from Sydney.

LUXURY - that´s charismatic front man Scott Ryper (vocals), Craig Beck (bass), Paul McDonald (guitars) and Simon Lynch (drums/percussion) - introducing Australia's freshest Electro rock outfit. Hailing from Sydney, this quartet formed three and a half years ago and has since been nurturing its obvious talent through both live performance and songwriting. LUXURY have been exploring and claiming new ground in creating big beat sounds, delicious samples & electrifying riffs that captivate an audience and immediately demand its attention. All four members of LUXURY are no strangers to the music scene in Sydney, all having worked together in previous bands over the years, ranging from Scarlet, Promenade, and Glide - all four have come together with their experience, knowledge & passion for music and created a sound so unique and developed, that it's impossible not to be drawn into their world of profound sounds and mesmerising melodies.

LUXURY are working with successful international producers like Craig Portiel (Terence Trent D´Arby, Diesel, Billy Idol, music producers of POPSTARS TV Project in Australia) or Rob Taylor (INXS, The Whitlams, John Paul Young) who also produced their debut single "LOADED" which was recently released in Australia and now will also hit the European market. Massive airplay in Australia and soon also in Germany mark the beginning of a story of success. A review of this pulsating, brilliant track in Sydney's music industry magazine best describes some of the essential elements of the band's sound: "Singer Scott Ryper's dreamy vocals dance throughout the track and the sound can only be described as an at times, aggressive musical menagerie of loops, distorted guitars and layers of synths. A brooding, dark undertone drives the track home and with LUXURY hinting at a distinct European sound, they are destined to break into new territories".

LUXURY are currently producing their first album which will also lead very soon to a European tour. Just like the musical tastes of all four members LUXURY cover a wide range of musical territory. With every song as delicious as the next they go from sublime pop to unstoppable rock at its best. Their ability to combine an aggressive mixture of energetic beats, distorted guitar riffs, loops and synthies with excellent songwriting and a striking visual style & performance will establish them over years as one of the most exciting new acts of the music industry.

Individually also, all four members of LUXURY love to make their creative mark. Both Paul McDonald and Craig Beck have impressive home studios in which they are consistently writing, recording and producing music for many local acts as well as their own new material. LUXURY are unquestionably unique in the fact that all four individuals are talented songwriters as well as musicians. Although all are experienced performers on stage and on music video, singer Scott Ryper has also recently ventured beyond the small screen and has made his acting debut on the Australian feature film 'Garage Days', which was written and directed by famous Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City). The film is due for release late 2002 in Australia and soon afterwards also in Europe.

As we move into a new year, LUXURY will continue to mark the times with their own unique sound and style, new singles, music videos and a fantastic new album. This year is looking to be the year where we will all be sitting in the lap of LUXURY. It`s an exciting time for the four dedicated musicians whose talent is not only a gift but also certain LUXURY for music lovers all over the world.

LUXURY - short product fact

LUXURY from Sydney are Australia’s newest rock export
on the way to establish at the forefront of contemporary music. Their debut single "Loaded" is a pulsating brilliant masterpiece on its way to hit European charts.

LUXURY - Scott Ryper (vocals), Craig Beck (bass), Paul
McDonald (guitars) and Simon Lynch (drums), all well-known
in Australia - combine aggressive beats, distorted guitar riffs
and synthies with excellent songwriting.

"Loaded" by LUXURY - fresh sounds and electrifying
beats from Sydney - available in retail soon

LUXURY by title - LUXURY by sound - the new stars from Sydney are currently producing their first album. "Loaded" will establish them soon in the international music market.

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